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The Hidden Meanings Of The World’s Most Recognizable Logos

For every company out there, logos are probably the main means of informing its potential clients, as well as creating the first impressions about itself, yet not too many people are aware of the subliminal messages encoded within the company…

10 Reasons for logo re-design

Your company's logo speaks to your potential and existing customers when you aren't there to do the talking yourself. First impressions last, so it's important that your logo is instantly recognizable, and your message is conveyed clearly.

9 hot logo design trends for 2017

 What logo and branding trends are going to define 2017? Today, we’re gazing into the future at nine popular logo trends. From simplification to unique typography to animation, these are what we’re predicting will be hot in the new year.

8 Graphic Design Trends for 2017

This year's design is inspired by the designer's rebellion, which is too pure, completely white and almost perfect aesthetics, the technical industry has been actively used in recent years. Now we can see that a design is also possible with…