Car Logos and thier meaning

 Some of worlds most popular car brands and thier logos!


Norwegian Latvian Business Forum 2018

"First Design Studio" team was delighted to take part in "Norwegian-Latvian Business Forum". The main guests of this event were Their Royal Highnesses Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway and Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway.

The event took place on April 23rd in the premises of Radisson Blu Hotel. More than 300 participants from the Baltic States and Norway took part in this forum, sharing with their experiences, challenges, opportunities and future prospects.


The Meaning of Colors in Design

There are different meanings that colors convey, and they all have ideas and emotions associated with each of them, hence why the psychology behind each tone is a complex subject. This in-depth guide on color psychology will shed some light…

The Hidden Meanings Of The World’s Most Recognizable Logos

For every company out there, logos are probably the main means of informing its potential clients, as well as creating the first impressions about itself, yet not too many people are aware of the subliminal messages encoded within the company…
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